Better than the classic? – “Evil Dead” (2013) REVIEW

29 Jul

Wassup everyone, it’s your girl Infamous in the houuusseeeee …………. all alone? …………. and about to present some scary movie? *gulp*

Nahhh, JUST KIDDING! I am not afraid of anything. I am the black cat, the effed up kitty that you see crossing your road and you start jumping and pulling the salt and vinegar from your purse and throw them behind your shoulder, the cat that’s always run over by the car and somehow is still alive, the kit kat you’re always having in your break, the the, the symbol of EVIL DEAD. *JUST KIDDING!*

So we think the atmosphere can have an impact on your perception of things. Location, time and people you’re enjoying the movie with are three essentials that can make a bad movie into an alright one. And you would probably get the same opinion as you would find for my reviews, unless you change the setting.

Quickie time, here is the scenario:

LOCATION: CINEMA… somewhere in the middle of the woods, with no civilization in a radar of 150 miles… What?! We drove there…

WITH: With my home boyz, obviously. How else do you think I roll?

DATE: Friday 13th, May 2013…. “But there is no Friday 13th in May”… OH GIVE ME A BREAK!

MUNCHIES: Some fine a*s Ben n Jerry ice-cream. I’m seriously recommending to try mixing peanut butter cup, fish food and cookie altogether. Oh Jesus is sweet!


————————————————EVIL DEAD——————————————————

Year of release: 2013

Director: Fede Alvarez

Worth seeing it in the cinema? This is that type of movie, which is advantaged if seen in the cinema for that heart rate to boost up like a mofo.

Worth watching it second time? I would just stick to the one and only time to ever watch it.

Trailer overcoming the actual movie? If you is lovin’ the Saw series then you will enjoy this movie, as it’s the most gruesome movie I have ever seen.  Where is this showing in the trailer?? One thing I’ve learned is that, if the trailer is DOPE, then the movie is a crackhead piece of shaiza. You kna’msayin. But I’ve seen worse, so this time I’m going to say that the actual movie overcame the trailer by its gruesomeness.

Trailer – Evil Dead 2013

Interesting facts about the movie:

World record for fake blood. This is the most gruesome movie I have ever seen and the reason why, and you can imagine, is the whole load of blood everywhere and anywhere. Let me get a clearer picture for you: Evil Dead completely shattered the previous world record of “fake blood” which was used in another gruesome movie called “Dead Alive”. And when I say shattered, I’m talking about 50,000 gallons of blood used in ONLY one scene. Something like “we dare you get bloodier than this”… I mean, how can a future movie even overcome this?

Overall impression: It had its good bits, I like the mystical type of things when they read the “Shaitan-ic” book and I liked the effects they’ve done on the girl, her look and her shameless laughs almost brought my thoughts to the all-time favourite horror – The Exorcist. I also liked that the classic parts were improved in this movie, I think it’s a really  impressive fine remake, amongst the better remakes out there, but the only thing that can totally shadow this is the messed up ending which was extended forever and the non-stop blood which made the movie look ridiculous.

Overall grade: 5.9/10


So, tell me, is the remake better than the classic or not?



Movie Reviews

4 May

Waddup everyone, it’s your girl Infamous Cat / Sippin’ on some Coke, chilling in the flat / That’s right, watching you with a  fake vampire bat?/ You don’t know why I’m on that/ But I’m gonna bust a cap….. if you don’t subscribe to my blog, yo! *WADDUP RANDOM HIP-HOP LYRICS*

SO, like the titles says, movie reviews are gonna come up. Because I can!… And because I want you to subscribe please? *meow*

Special attention to the ladies! I have a fine a*s sexy latino man ready to join me for the movie reviews. Ok, I lied about the latino, but he’s boom… and funny. To Whom it may Concern: If you ever want to be Mr. Infamous, please be? *eye lashing all over the place*

We are cinephiles, so we know our stuff, or that’s what we like to believe at least! We are gonna do reviews from oldies, to goldies, to brownies, to… Wait, brownies? *nom nom* Pick a movie if you wish, we’ll watch it, make a review, make you laugh your ears out and you decide then if it’s the right movie to watch with your friends, family, auntie, girlfriend/boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-ex-boyfriend. Ok, you got me.

Peace out, and see you soon! *zoooop*

DIY 1: NO HEAT curls for straight hair using an African hairstyle

1 Apr

That’s right, girl, you heard me. No heat whatsoever. You might as well just throw your curling iron as we speak, because it’s time you start taking care of it. You want your hair to look good, but yet you’re using hair straighteners, curling irons and you apply hair spray like there is no tomorrow? Yes, I’ve used them myself at some point, don’t worry, I mean I’m trying to keep up with advanced technology as well, don’t think that I’m rubbing wood to make fire at home now, but sometimes it’s good to let nature do all the work. Same goes when you want to blow dry your hair, some don’t understand how damaging it can be.

So, you’re still a dumb one and don’t get it? Alright, here is what we’re going to do. Don’t use a blow drier or any curling irons for 2 weeks, and if you see any change, give me some props. If you don’t… give me some props, cause I know that’s not the case.

So, back to today’s crazeee. I’ve always admired African culture, the colours, the jewellery, the hairstyles make me curious, like a lot. I’ve been looking into this particular culture recently, which is called Bantu culture. The Bantu civilization stretches from Congo to Angola to Tanzania and Kenya.

I’m very sure you’re familiar with the hairstyle since the famous Bantu hairstyle was used by celebrities as well, I’m not sure if they tried promoting the culture, but here are some of them. I don’t know how many of you know Bjork, she used to be very unusual in her music and fashion senses, which probably made her very special and popular. Another celebrity using this hairstyle was the sexy lady Gwen Stefani.


Alright, so I’m not going to make you wear this hairstyle in public, this is not the point of this post, but hey, if you’re very confident with yourself you can give it a go.

So I’ve seen this culture and the celebrities wearing the hairstyle, and I was wondering how will the hair look after you release the knots. Well, if your hair is straight and you want to try, then let’s find out.

For my curls I haven’t applied any heat, I’ve basically made 5 Bantu knots using my hair, like in the picture below. I’ve started from the crown of the head, then continued on the sides and lastly I’ve used the hair from the back of the head. All you do is secure a part of hair with an elastic band, then twist the hair and go round (like you would do when you make a bun) until you make the knot. And then again you secure the knot with another elastic band.

So if you’re living with your partner and you’re brave enough to ignore his “Coolio – Gangster’s Paradise” singing in your face, then you can do anything *grin*


So I’ve slept with this creme de la creme creation and the result was *drums noise*:




First picture is when I ran my fingers through my hair and the other 2 is when I brushed it. So it’s up to you which one you prefer.

Ok, cats, so let me know if you guys are going to try this one. And why not, share some pictures of you trying to pull a Bantu haha =)

Until my next post, keep yourself pretty and natural =)

Le style for twins

10 Sep

Have you noticed how mothers usually dress the twins in the same style? It’s like they go into a shop and they like one outfit, but they buy it twice… I mean where is the imagination here? 

This is not the case for this super fly (literally) baby twins: 


Yeaahhh, son, I’m talking about Les Infamous Twins. You wouldn’t read so far if you had no idea about them, but just in case there is a lost fan of mine *scratching chin* who’s wondering who these disgustingly gorgeous creatures are, well… they apparently are the ones that invented the new style hip-hop dance, and they surely captivated me *hypnotized*, so I’m sure you won’t dislike them either.

How was I lucky enough to find about them? I was searching for some international and interesting hip-hop movement and I came across Criminalz Crew Facebook profile waaaay before the Les Twins hysteria started to pop on the Internet, and I’ve actually come across a lot of amazing dancers, such as baby girl Laura Nala, whom I am going to write about in my future post because she is just pure gold talent. =)
Now, back on the track. I’ve seen most of my readers being interested in their fashion sense. You would be blind if you didn’t realize they are wearing their jeans backwards, right? Even this little detail differentiate them from any other dancer. What’s funnier is that this fashion style of wearing their jeans backwards started from when they were little as a punishment for when they were not behaving well. Conclusion of the day: Mothers, don’t make a punishment that has to do with the kids’ clothes as they might turn it into a new fashion style haha.

What clothing line do they prefer? I cannot pronounce myself regarding their jeans, but I’m pretty much sure they love Rockawear Clothing Line, since they even made a commercial for it, which was absolutely stunning.

 As for the shoes, I’ve seen them being dedicated fans of Nike, especially Air Jordan ones. Speaking of shoooooes, they’ve had an appearance at a shoe store named Vlado Footwear, where they killed that freestyle.

What’s my favourite interview with them? It should probably be this one, in which Jennia Fredrique was the host for her “Beyond the talent” show… and daaaamn isn’t she gorgeous? Leaving aside that they both are getting confused regarding geography haha, they are still cute and almost blushing sitting next to Jennia.

All in all, these guys deserve your attention. There are loads of other videos with them, and the most memorable ones should be indeed the ones from Yak Films. Spread their talent and take care of your fine selves! I shall see y’all very soon *wink*

Day 7 – R&B Artists that are born with a GEMINI zodiac sign

27 Nov


Lucky number slevin. I’m not sure how lucky it is, but I am a bit gloomy since this is the last day of the Challenge. I never thought I would have such fun writing so many topics on this one.


As vein as it may sound, I thought about me when the idea of the topic came through my mind, haha. I’m a Gemini and there’s nothing wrong in loving your zodiac sign. If you are a Gemini as well, or you’re into mystical things or just generally curious about learning things, then you may find this post interesting. No, I will no start predicting the day for you, it has to be related to R&B, remember?

Without being subjective about it, all the Geminis that I’ve encountered have a special and mysterious aura around them and most of them are inclined to arts, such as music, making handmade accessories *wink*, baking cakes, drawing etc.

So, since I always get along with Geminis, I was wondering which R&B artists have this zodiac sign, so I can have a perspective of whom am I going to be friends with when I’ll become (more) famous. *giggles*

This cannot be applied to baby girl Left Eye (TLC), but I can proudly say she was born a Gemini. (27 May 1971)



She clearly had the Gemini strong attitude, but in the same time, as a Gemini with the special skills of fame and vocabulary, she was used as a promotional tool (also, see Tupac Shakur, Gemini as well, who was used to promote “motherbleeping” Death Row’s philosophy and died in a drastic way). Her sign is known to be lead by Mercury, which has a strong imprint to neighbourhood, communication and learning skills.

So what do you think the first single of her album (“Super Nova“) is all about? Neighbourhood, of course. Yes, we love our homies. This is a remix feature of Lil Mamma, but it sounds nice.



Next on my list is the sexy beast Donell Jones, born on 22nd May 1973. *rising my right eyebrow, then my left one, then both*

I’m guessing I’m not the only one fascinated by her own zodiac sign, as himself had an album called “A Journey of a Gemini”. So in this album, this fine Gemini shows some characteristics of the sign, such as the attitude side (“Better Start Talking”), the emotional side (“Feelin’ You”), the curious, impatient side (“Can’t Wait”) etc.

But my favorite song of all, is Donell JonesShorty got her eyes on me.



I would like to end with a goodbye song from my favorite male of all times. I’m proud to know he’s born in the same day as mine (24th May). Here comes TQ with “Bye, Bye Baby” song. Mad song, it gives me the goose bumps.





The list of sexy Gemini beasts in R&B Industry is long (Brian McKnight, Maxwell, Andre 3000 etc). But I guess the post has reached the end. Are you interested in a similar post based on your own zodiac sign? You know what to do. *wink*


So this is it, Mission Accomplished. The “7-Day R&B” Challenge is over. How did I do ? Which was the funniest part and what was your favorite topic?


I love you all and hopefully we will meet soon. Until then, take care of your fine selves!


Over and out.

Day 6 – R&B artists who definitely cannot DANCE

26 Nov


Dancing is a language. Its grammar is the rhythm and the moves are the words. Don’t get twisted, yo… the analogy I’m making is not just a metaphor, but grammar and rhythm are by definition quite the same. Ok, let’s look in the Dictionary. So, the rhythm is defined as a movement or procedure of patterned recurrence of a beat or flow. Procedure involves regulations/rules, like grammar.


So my point is? My point is that white people cannot dance, haha. I’m for the first time aware of my randomness, but I cannot help it and I would like to say that I think that the one who invented Sims was a white guy. I mean, have you ever seen those sims dancing; they’re like a mirror to the reality of how generally white people dance. Of course, there are some exceptions…….. *scratching my chin*

Now, let me do what I usually do, and that’s telling like it IS. I always thought that those who have good voice for singing are able to dance as well, because it comes in the talent package, as in 2 for 1. Well, not exactly.

You know Cassie, right? I remember seeing this video a looong time ago, when I was about 15 years old, I think. At that time, I was not sure what she was trying to do in the video, but I am now seeing with different eyes, and she definitely doesn’t have the moves. Remember in my first post for blasting P Diddy for his amazing dancing skills ? I think he’s Cassie’s dance coach. Just have a look at 01:27. Other than that, she has robotic moves and stomach-rolls like a second-rate Shakira. *sigh*



Baby girl Ashanti doesn’t have the moves, but she’s still a sweetheart. Haven’t counted how many times she’s been putting her hand through her hair in this video, but at least she felt “Happy”. I love this jam and miss the times when her fine self and Ja Rule were making 37232 songs together. Bless you, Ashanti, your songs filled most of my teenager years.



Let me create the setting. Voluptuous white girl, big furry sofa and a diva fan that blows her hair off her face, while she blinks as if something got in her eye. Do you dig it? Cause i don’t. I respect her voice, but Mariah Carey should lay low her fake diva attitude. What did I tell you about white people dancing?





Sadly, I have to inform you there’s only ONE day left of this R&B Challenge. It’s easy, how do you want it?



I will see you tomorrow, cats ! Remain beautiful as you all are ! Spread the love !